How much wallpaper in a roll?

Ile tapety w rolce?

How much wallpaper in a roll? The wallpaper shop is a place that enjoys quite a lot of interest. No wonder, because wallpapers are becoming more and more popular. So many people choose them instead of traditional paint. However, you need to know how to measure the right amount of wallpaper.

In addition, you should be aware of what wallpaper to choose for a particular room. Fortunately, there are quite a few solutions, and many of them can really appeal to us.

How to check if the amount of wallpaper is right?

When choosing wallpapers for your home or apartment, you should try to get the right amount of them. As it turns out, measuring the amount of wallpaper we need is not as difficult as it might seem. However, we must know the length and width of the room to be wallpapered. Otherwise, measuring the right amount of wallpaper, unfortunately, will not be possible.

The first step will undoubtedly be to measure the length of the wall, but of course you can’t stop there. The length of the measured wall should be divided by the width of the wallpaper.

Then, the result we got will have to be multiplied by the height of the wall. However, one must remember to take into account the so-called repeatability of the pattern. Without this, unfortunately, it will not be possible to calculate the right amount of wallpaper. The packaging of a specific wallpaper should contain information about the repeatability of the pattern.

Many people also wonder how much wallpaper is in one roll. Fortunately, this question can be given a fairly simple and unambiguous answer. Well, it turns out that a classic roll of wallpaper is 10 meters long and 53 centimeters wide. So you need to calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you will need. Without it, unfortunately, it will be impossible to wallpaper the room.

What wallpaper to choose for the hall?

A lot of people decide to buy wallpaper for the hall. However, you need to be aware of how to choose such wallpaper. Of course, it is always worth considering your own preferences first. However, if we have a small room that serves as a hall, the choice should be particularly careful. Wallpapers for a small hall should be bright. You can choose both plain and patterned wallpapers.

Why bright wallpaper has a chance to work best? Well, first of all, because light wallpapers make the room look optically larger. Heavy, overwhelming colors should be avoided. In addition, it would be advisable for the wallpaper to match the style in which the entire interior is decorated. So if we have a hanger or a cabinet in the hall, the wallpaper should match them.

Is bathroom wallpaper a good idea?

The online wallpaper store is a place where you can find really different wallpapers. Thus, various solutions can be successfully used. It is extremely important that the wallpaper is functional. Of course, the visual aspect is also very important. Many people wonder what kind of wallpaper to buy for the bathroom.

Is wallpaper in the bathroom a good idea at all? It would seem that wallpapers are extremely resistant to moisture. It turns out, however, that contemporary, modern wallpapers are resistant not only to moisture, but also to fungi or mold. However, it is always worth paying attention to whether the wallpaper is suitable for the bathroom or not. Usually, the manufacturer puts the relevant information on the packaging of the wallpaper.

The wallpaper on the wall in the bathroom should have the right color. It can be pastel as well as expressive. The right wallpaper is the one that we just like. It is therefore worth taking into account your own preferences when choosing wallpaper for the bathroom.

If the bathroom is not too big, it is best to invest in light wallpapers. They will make the room visually appear larger, although of course it will not be a spectacular effect.

Which wallpapers to use in the bedroom and which in the living room?

In the wallpaper store you will find beautiful wallpapers for the wall, which will be suitable for both the bedroom and the living room. However, you must remember that the wallpaper for the bedroom should be quite bright and subdued. Otherwise, it will make it difficult for us to fall asleep.

Don’t forget to choose the right wallpaper for your living room. The living room is usually used by all household members. It would be perfect to make sure that this room is visually attractive for everyone.

You could decide to buy a wallpaper with small flowers, as well as to buy a modern wallpaper with geometric patterns. For most people, the price of the wallpaper is also important. It would be worth comparing the price lists of individual stores selling wallpaper.

Then there is a high probability of finding an attractive offer in terms of price and, of course, quality. It is also important that the wallpaper is carefully glued. If you have difficulties with this, you can try to use the help of a professional.

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