How to open a roadside assistance business?

Jak otworzyć działalność pomoc drogowa?

How to open a roadside assistance business? If you are considering starting your own business, you are certainly considering many different options. One of the solutions turns out to be roadside assistance – it is a very future-oriented and prospective industry, because the number of mechanized vehicles is growing dynamically.

Roadside assistance – when is it worth choosing such an activity? What do we need to start a new business? What investments do we have to take into account? Professional tugboat – how much does it cost? What equipment is worth investing in? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

Roadside assistance – when is it worth choosing such an activity?

Roadside assistance is a very reasonable option to expand a car repair shop or other automotive business that is thriving relatively much. It turns out that by buying a tow truck and providing towing services, we are able to expand the scope of our services, as a consequence, it is possible to earn a few zlotys for the already conducted business.

Nevertheless, this business will pay for itself, because it will function as an independent business. It is important to choose the right marketing activities. However, roadside assistance is a seasonal business. There is no denying that in the winter we can count on a bit more work than in the summer. The downside of this solution is the need to be available.

Let us remember that the vast majority of orders are carried out at night or in the morning. It is then that relatively most accidents occur, which is worth bearing in mind. If we want to earn adequately, then it is worth preparing for all-night shifts on the phone.

What do we need to start a new business?

Starting a new business is always quite stressful. However, it is worth realizing that in the case of roadside assistance it is not very complicated. We do not need to have large financial outlays, which is certainly very attractive. In practice, it is enough that we have a tow truck and the appropriate permissions in the form of a driving license. Of course, the company cannot function if we do not decide to start our own business. Success in the industry depends on the chosen marketing strategy.

After all, we have to attract customers to ourselves, let ourselves be known. While everything seems to be logical on the surface, we must not forget about the less obvious issue – competition. Sometimes breaking into a given market is very problematic, almost impossible.

Therefore, at the beginning, this business should not be the only source of income – it can turn out to be quite a risky approach, and financial security is of great importance for every businessman.

What investments do we have to take into account?

Roadside assistance involves several investments that are certainly worth mentioning. The provision of only towing services is associated with a fairly high entry threshold. A lot depends on what type of equipment we choose. Theoretically, at the beginning of the adventure, we can have an old and cheap tugboat – its price is only a few thousand zlotys.

In most cases, it will work perfectly. However, it must have at least basic equipment, i.e. rooster lights, work lighting, and a powerful winch. Sometimes shackles, belts, blocks, links are a hit. All these elements will make the work much less problematic. In the case of some incidents, trolleys under wheels will be helpful – they allow you to transport even a damaged four-wheeler.

Professional tugboat – how much does it cost?

However, if we have slightly more ambitious plans, and at the same time we are interested in servicing a larger fleet of vehicles, then running such a business may be a bit more difficult. In such cases, the issue of investing a relatively large amount is important. This is especially important if you want to tow large vehicles.

It also has to do with qualifications. Category B driving license will not be enough, category C will be more important. Additionally, it is important to purchase a larger, and at the same time more advanced, tugboat.

The most optimal will be a vehicle with a platform with a DMC of 7.5 t. It also allows the use of interesting technical solutions, among which we can distinguish a fork for towing trucks.

What equipment is worth investing in?

If roadside assistance is only an additional activity so far, then there is no need to invest in the highest quality equipment. We should not count on the fact that a tow truck for PLN 5,000 will be sufficient.

In the vast majority of cases, it will actually be a wreck. We should look for roadside assistance vehicles in the range of PLN 20,000 to PLN 30,000. This is the bare minimum to purchase the right equipment

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