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Folia ochronna na telefon - czy opłaca się ją zakupić?

Protective film for the phone – is it worth buying? A smartphone is an extremely popular device that almost everyone has nowadays. Even the youngest already know what a smartphone is for. This type of devices is extremely popular due to the fact that thanks to them we can have constant contact with people from all over the world, play games, watch movies and much, much more.

Many people can no longer imagine their everyday life without a smartphone. In today’s article, we present a number of the most important information on how to properly protect your smartphone against damage. It is a must-read for all those who would like their smartphones to look their best for a long period of time.

How to choose a protective film for the phone? Get to know our tips and tricks

Protective films for the phone are designed to protect its screen from potential scratches that may occur during careless handling of the device or when it falls. Most people, when buying a smartphone, do not think about whether their new purchase will not be damaged in the near future. This is a big mistake. Accidents can happen very unexpectedly and relatively quickly. And certainly no one wants a new smartphone to look very unattractive immediately after purchase.

If the smartphone falls very unlucky, a lot of cracks in the form of unattractive spiders may appear on the display. If we want to avoid this, when buying a smartphone, we must not forget about the importance of protective films. At the moment, three types of smartphone protection are the most popular. This is about:

  • phone protective films,
  • tempered glass for phone,
  • combination of tempered glass and foil (so-called FlexiGlass).

Do protective films protect the display well from damage?

Many people wonder if protective films are able to properly protect the smartphone screen against various types of damage. You need to know that protective films are extremely thin, flexible and transparent materials that are exposed to the front of the display.

At this point, the following question will certainly arise: do protective films not affect the touch in a negative way? The answer is not obvious. Protective films from unknown manufacturers will certainly have a very bad effect on the display. They are quite thick and not very effective.

If we buy more expensive models, we will certainly not have such a problem. The difference in using the smartphone display in this case is practically unnoticeable.

If you are thinking about which protective film to buy for your phone, you must first of all take into account that it is less protection than tempered glass. What features are protective films superior to tempered glass? When choosing a protective film, we should pay attention to matching the film variant to the screen of our smartphone and the shape of the cutout.

Sometimes it also happens that dedicated foils for specific smartphone models are cut very badly, so they will not properly protect the entire surface of our display. It may happen that the foil will cover the buttons or speakers.

Protective films from less known manufacturers can even sometimes distort the color and saturation in the display, which will further increase the problems arising from the use of such a smartphone. Another feature that can strongly affect the discomfort during use is the reduction of viewing angles.

Such an ailment will be felt by us in particular when people using the phone outside will do it in high sunlight.

So how do you choose a good phone screen protector? The basic issue that you always need to pay attention to is the manufacturer who created the film. Then we will have a guarantee that the protective films are of the highest quality and have good opinions among users.

How to put on foil? It’s not so simple!

Before we buy a protective film for our smartphone, we should also carefully check how the process of sticking it should proceed. It is worth knowing that at the very beginning you need to clean the entire screen of the smartphone on which we will stick the foil with extreme accuracy. There must not be any speck of dust on it.

What it comes from? This is conditioned by the fact that if there is even a slight contamination on the phone screen, it will cause very unsightly-looking air particles to appear under the foil. This will also affect the significant deterioration of the touch in such a smartphone.

Many people fail to put on the foil the first time, so they decide to buy several copies right away.

When is it worth buying a protective film?

Protective films – when is it worth buying them? In particular, when using a smartphone we do not expose it to a high risk of falling from a great height. Then the foil will work perfectly. It is also a good solution for people who cannot afford to buy tempered glass.

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