How to calculate the amount of carpet for the stairs

Jak obliczyć ilość wykładziny na schody

How to calculate the amount of carpet for the stairs – when we carry out renovation, there are a lot of things that we need to do before the renovation even begins. Such things include calculating, among others, various types of materials that we will use during the renovation.

This is essential for the renovation to run as smoothly as possible and for us to complete it on time. This is all the more important in a situation where we undertake the renovation ourselves, and many Poles do just that.


Carpets in the past were basically the only option when we wanted to put something on the floor besides carpets. In places such as the kitchen or bathroom, PVC flooring was an indispensable element, because it guaranteed the ability to quickly clean the floor and get rid of water.

Over time, however, both carpet and PVC floor coverings began to give way to tiles and floor panels. They are now making a comeback.
Carpets are now becoming more and more popular again, mainly because they offer quite good value for money.

In addition, it is very easy to lay them yourself. The design and quality of contemporary floor coverings is very good, thanks to which we can finish the floor at a really low cost and enjoy it for many years.

Problems we encounter when buying carpets

When we want to buy a carpet in a carpet store or a technical market, we always have a general problem that we do not know how much carpet we should buy. If we buy too little, then it may turn out that we will sometimes have to drive many kilometers to get the missing piece. If we buy too much, it is wasted money.

When it comes to calculating how much carpet we should use in a given place, we can divide these places into two main areas. The first is the floors in our rooms, the second are places that are more troublesome when it comes to assessing the amount of carpet we use. These include, among others, stairs, halls, etc.

Why is it worth laying carpet on the stairs?

Carpeting on the stairs is worth laying in fact for two reasons. The first is the aesthetic value that the floor covering can provide. A lot here, of course, depends on what kind of stairs we have, because if we have, for example, stairs made of nice wood, then hardly anyone will decide to lay the carpet, and if so, probably not over the entire width of the stairs.

If, on the other hand, we have, for example, concrete stairs, the lining can be a cheap and good way to improve their aesthetic values.

The second issue that is related to the laying of carpet on the stairs are safety issues. Carpets, and in particular carpets, will create a kind of anti-slip layer, thanks to which we will be able to move safely on our stairs.

Of course, in addition to the carpets themselves, there are various types of non-slip floor coverings that are actually dedicated to the stairs. How should we calculate how much carpeting for the stairs we should buy.

How to calculate the amount of carpet needed to be laid on the stairs?

When starting to calculate how much carpet we need on our stairs, we should first note that carpets sold commercially are usually in various types of standardized sizes. The main thing here is its width. Carpets are usually two and two and a half meter long bales, from which we cut off the amount we need.

It may happen that such a bale is definitely wider than the stairs we have at home. Then there is a problem. How should it be counted? The first thing we need to consider is whether the carpet is to be laid across the entire width of the stairs, or whether we want to make a kind of carpet out of it, which, for example, will be placed in the middle of the stairs, at 70% of their width. This is a very popular solution.

With this solution, however, we must remember that most often we will have to give the floor covering, for example, for edge trimming, so that the floor covering looks aesthetically pleasing.

When we calculate the amount of carpeting that we need to put on the stairs, we must first of all calculate the actual length of the stairs. We can’t measure it on the principle that we measure the stairs from the top to the bottom, because we will most likely buy too little carpet.

We really need to measure the stairs together with all the bends that occur on the stairs. Then this type of length is the most important value for us.

Because we will most likely have to cut the carpet on one side, because we rarely meet stairs 2 m or 2.5 m wide, especially in single-family houses, in principle, this type of stairs is not built, the length of the carpet is really the most important thing for us which we will have to buy.

If we measure the length of the stairs correctly, then we will know what surface of the carpet we will have to buy in a carpet store.

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