Is it worth studying computer science?

Czy opłaca się studiować informatykę?

Is it worth studying computer science? For some time now, it has been said that studies are not a guarantee of a career and professional success. Many people think that IT skills can be acquired through various types of courses, and that going to a five-year college is a waste of time.

The IT industry is very specific and many people learn programming languages ​​on their own. The more so that a lot of valuable information can be found simply on the Internet, so we can acquire useful IT knowledge without leaving home and for free. That is why many people ask themselves whether it is worth studying computer science at all?

IT studies or bootcamps?

There are claims that it is much more profitable to use bootcamps, because they give the possibility of incomparably faster access to new, up-to-date information. Knowledge in the field of IT requires constant updating, supplementing and modifying, because what was the latest achievement yesterday has already been updated today. Study programs are often developed with the whole semester in mind, which is why it is difficult to adapt them to such a dynamic field as computer science.

On the other hand, it is difficult to overestimate the advantages of IT studies. After all, they give us a diploma, thanks to which our skills are officially certified, thanks to which we can meet all the formal requirements that we deal with when recruiting for the positions of programmers and IT specialists in many companies and institutions.

Often there is no way around them, so even if you think you know computer science perfectly, it may turn out that the doors of many companies are closed to you if you do not have the appropriate diploma. Therefore, the discussion on what are the advantages and disadvantages of studying computer science is constantly alive.

There are pros and cons, but if you want to choose your field of study honestly, you need to consider as many options as possible, so it will be good if you weigh all the pros and cons of studying computer science.

Why choose IT?

The IT industry is developing extremely dynamically. The use of new technologies accompanies us in every type of work. Therefore, IT specialists are highly valued and the demand for programmers on the labor market is constantly growing. It is expected that it will increase over the years, because in the era of digitization and computerization, programming skills are extremely useful. This is why many young people are wondering whether to go to computer science after graduation.

It is also a field of study often chosen as an additional one by people who already have other education, extramural IT studies are also willingly taken up by people already working. Many people are delighted with the substantial earnings of their colleagues working in the IT industry, which is why computer science is a subject that is increasingly emphasized also in schools.

Programming lessons are no exception today, because the earlier children learn to think in computer language, the easier it will be for them to navigate in the world of new technologies later. There are self-taught people in the IT industry. However, it must be remembered that in order to reach for new knowledge and skills on your own, you need a lot of willpower and self-denial.

Enrolling in computer science studies means that you will face the need to complete and complete a given project on time, thanks to which you will expand your knowledge systematically, knowing that with each semester you climb the next rung of the ladder that will lead you to success .

The best computer science studies

If you are wondering where it is best to study computer science, do your research early enough to get answers to the most bothering questions. Is it better to study computer science extramural, while taking the first steps in the profession and earning for yourself, or maybe go to full-time studies?

You will have a choice of state and private universities, so it’s worth figuring out what the pros and cons of studying at each of them are. During your studies, you will have the opportunity to participate in certain projects that will allow you to gain valuable experience, skills, and often be the beginning of your dynamically developing professional career.

Many computer science graduates are delighted that they can choose from all kinds of job offers almost immediately after graduation. It is often said that employers approach IT specialists themselves, but it is worth remembering that this is an industry that does not like resting on its laurels.

No diploma can replace reliable skills and openness to the acquisition of new knowledge, so you need to know that obtaining a professional or scientific title will not mean the end of your education, because you will have to constantly update and expand your knowledge while working.

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