What is cobblestone?

Co to jest kostka brukowa

What is cobblestone? Many people wonder how to arrange a backyard space. This is completely understandable, because we care not only about an interesting interior, but also about a great-looking garden. Quite a popular solution is paving stones, which are more and more often used by owners of single-family houses.

What should we know about paving stones? Which paving stone finish is worth choosing? What shape and size of paving stones will be appropriate? What colors of paving stones are optimal? What paving stone is suitable for a driveway? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

What should we know about paving stones?

If we decided to define paving stones , then we could say that it is an easily available material whose production is based on concrete. It is relatively attractive in terms of price, at the same time it is resistant to operation even in difficult external conditions. Interestingly, it is up to the producers how these concrete products will look.

The customer has a variety of structures and colors to choose from, and the final choice should be based primarily on individual preferences. This makes it possible to effectively adapt the pavement to the dream project, which is a priority for many. Natural stone is used much less often in production – while it is characterized by excellent parameters, its price is much lower, and not every family can afford such an expense.

By far the most common stones are basalt and granite, but this does not change the fact that sometimes sandstone or limestone is used, which is slightly less durable. An alternative solution is field stone paving stones – however, this requires above-average experience in laying. Despite everything, we can count on an attractive appearance.

Which paving stone finish is worth choosing?

As of today, we can distinguish industrial and noble cubes. The former, however, is much more common, due to its simplicity – it most often resembles an hourglass, at the same time it is distinguished by its smoothness and uniform surface. In many cases it is used in public spaces.

It looks a bit different in the case of a noble cube, because it is characterized by an attractive visual finish. During the production process, it is subjected to specialized treatment, thanks to which the surface gains aesthetic qualities. When it comes to the most common finishes, we can distinguish three options – rough, smooth, aged.

Among the former, brushed items, which are obtained as a result of the brushing process, are the most popular. As a consequence, pores are visible on the surface – their visual effects are very satisfying.

What shape and size of paving stones will be appropriate?

When it comes to paving stones, we can divide them by shape. While the most popular in public space are classic hourglasses, which are often used due to their simplicity, other surfaces are also common. These are, in turn, squares, rectangles, trapezoids and waves. The first two variants are used not only for classic cubes, but also for large-format ones. The arrangement possibilities are almost limitless.

Trapezes, on the other hand, often effectively diversify the surfaces of driveways by creating arches. Wave-shaped paving stones allow you to create interesting decorative motifs on home surfaces. If we take into account the size of such a cube, then it is possible to classify it in terms of thickness. For pedestrian traffic, 4-centimeter cubes are sufficient, while 8 cm cubes will be ideal for the passage of trucks.

What colors of paving stones are optimal?

Customers have different needs, which is why manufacturers offer a variety of collections with different colors. Thanks to the fact that the offer is very wide, everyone will find a perfectly matching texture. Standard colors are most often chosen, which look interesting in classic arrangements. However, nothing stands in the way of choosing slightly more saturated colors – they have a direct impact on enlivening the space.

What paving stone is suitable for a driveway?

Before we decide to order paving stones for the driveway, it is worth considering all the aspects that have been described in the paragraphs above. We should answer the question ourselves, which parameters will be the most optimal for us.

Each time, the cube should match the fences, external stairs and the facade. Let us remember that this is a decoration that is not only supposed to look interesting in terms of visuals, but must also be durable.

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