Wooden houses

Domy drewniane

Wooden houses – Currently, an extremely fashionable and at the same time cheap solution are wooden houses. They were propagated at the beginning among Canadians, and then they successfully conquered the rest of the world. In practice, wooden houses are much cheaper than those made of brick, built using traditional methods. There is no real comparison, a wooden house can be erected within a few months, and a brick one takes much longer.

Often, when building brick houses, we are forced to stop with all works at many times, because it unexpectedly turns out that there are no funds for further stages of building a socket and all works have to be postponed.

In the case of wooden houses, there is no such problem, the investment in terms of costs is determined from start to finish by the construction company that puts such houses to order at extremely favorable prices. The price specified in the contract does not include any additional costs, so during construction works we will not be surprised in any way.

We choose the location of our wooden house

Professionally made wooden houses can be erected in various natural conditions , but they look most effective near water reservoirs. Every man tired of working in a smog-laden city would like to have such a wooden house. The richest can afford wooden houses in villages and forests, where they escape from the city noise and chaos.

The neighborhood with a nearby lake ensures undisturbed contact with nature. Healthy air is also invaluable. Such a wooden house in the country should have every family struggling with allergies and any respiratory ailments. Staying at least for a few days in the vicinity of nature, in wooden houses as accommodation, allows you to improve your own health in a short time.

If we build a wooden house where there is no extensive lake, you can always try to create at least a small pond. It’s not the same, but it will also be a substitute for a water reservoir.

What kind of wood are wooden houses made of?

Different types of wood are used for wooden houses. In fact, from a purely technical point of view, any type of wood can be used to build a spacious and impressive house. Mixed wood is the most recommended, although many of us, due to the cost, want the whole house to be made of one type of raw material. So there are pine, oak, beech and birch houses.

Many supporters of ecological construction are fascinated by building log houses with minimal processing of wooden materials. This is also a way out if we look at the costs at every step of building a house. Nothing stands in the way of introducing metal elements to the wooden frame of the house, for example in the form of gutters or window finishes.

A professional wooden house, even in a highlander style, avoids anything metal. Here, literally everything is wooden, starting from the roof surfaces and ending with the threshold through which we pass when entering.

Operation of wooden houses

Undoubtedly, after some time of use, it will mark their appearance. Even varnished with the best covering materials, wood requires repeated maintenance and grinding of the worn surface. Well-preserved wooden surfaces inside and outside houses can delight with their splendor for many years.

On average, once every five years, however, it is worth carrying out a thorough review of the technical and visual condition of the house in order to be able to repair any technical defects and changes resulting from frequent use of the surface. At such times, mechanical grinders, as well as new varnishes and paints for covering and preserving wood, come in handy as tools for repair work. Our wooden houses will last flawlessly for many years when properly protected against moisture.

The house cannot be finished without external surfaces covered with protective layers, because cold winds and rains will affect the moisture of the boards. It will also be good to insulate such a house from the inside. Plastic insulation boards are mainly used for this purpose.

Convenience everywhere!

Wooden houses for rent, arranged especially for tourists, invite you to relax at any time of the year. Those who have taken advantage of the offers of the owners of agritourism farms, often decide to build their own house of this type after some time. Even the smallest savings can make it possible, because erecting a modest wooden house does not involve as many expensive investments and procedures as erecting a classic brick house.

Such houses are suitable for comfortable permanent or temporary housing in the mountains, by the sea, by the river, by lakes, in the vicinity of forests, meadows, and nature reserves. Such a house placed in a forest wilderness will wonderfully cut us off from the world, which we can get fed up with from time to time.


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