Phone protective film – the most important protection for your smartphone

Folia ochronna na telefon – najważniejsze zabezpieczenie twojego smartfona

Protective film for the phone – the most important protection for your smartphone – did you buy your dream smartphone and spend a considerable sum on it? Before you take it out of the box, you should think about how to protect it from damage. Take care of a case that will protect it from falling and an appropriate protective film.

Only thanks to it you can be sure that your screen will be protected against scratches and breakage. It will save you a lot of nerves and money. How to choose the right foil? What types can we find on the market?

Protective film for the phone

Modern smartphones have increasingly larger displays, which are also extremely sensitive. When purchasing a phone film, we want it to fulfill its functions and at the same time not affect the appearance and sensitivity of the screen. A good foil will guarantee that our smartphone will not only not lose its appearance, but also that it will be less susceptible to scratches and there will be no damage during a fall.

A good film protecting the phone also gives us the confidence that when we put the phone in the pocket with the keys, we do not risk scratches and large scratches on the screen.

Despite many fears related to putting protective films on smartphones (weakening the touch panel, clouding the image), in practice it is the best way to protect the phone. The film is not expensive, so we can change it quite often (unlike good tempered glass, which – despite many advantages – is much more expensive than even the best protective film).

However, it is not worth buying too cheap films due to their thickness and not flexibility. Too cheap foils can also be badly cut and not protect the entire surface of the display or cover the button or speaker. Some films also distort colors and their saturation, and also affect the lower sensitivity of the screen.

So it’s better to bet on thin, modern materials from a good manufacturer that will serve us for many months.

A good foil can save your phone

When deciding to buy a film from a proven source, we can be more sure that it will be almost invisible on the screen and will not peel off. It is worth using it with a phone with a curved panel, i.e. where most tempered glass will not work. We can also protect the back of the phone with it to protect it from scratches.

A good protective film for the phone will protect it from the following accidents:

          1. Fall from a small height – the film will not protect the phone from falling from a high height, but if the phone falls out of our pocket, there is a good chance of protecting the screen against cracks and scratches
          2. Scratching with keys or coins – carrying a smartphone in a bag exposes it to scratches. The foil effectively protects against this, provided that these are not very sharp objects
          3. Screen protection against dirt and sand – you carry your phone everywhere, including to the beach? The protective film will protect the screen from sand, dirt, small particles that can scratch the screen unsightly

Polycarbonate film on the phone

Manufacturers of polycarbonate film argue that it is the best solution to protect the phone. And in fact – many customers praise this solution. Usually, phone protection products are available in sets, so we can buy several different devices during one purchase.

Phone foils vary in durability – some models are susceptible to damage and wear, so they should be replaced after a few weeks. From the appropriate manufacturer, we will receive not only protective material, but also instructions, stickers to facilitate the application of the foil and a spatula, which will be used to remove air bubbles.

How to put a foil on the phone?

Already have a film that is designed to protect your phone? Now it’s time to put it on properly – only thanks to the proper preparation of the screen and the efficient installation of the foil, you will be able to enjoy a good effect. You can put the screen cover on efficiently and quickly by following a few tips:

– The first step is to ensure cleanliness where the protective film is applied to the phone. Doing an activity in a place that is full of dust or doing it with dirty hands will not do it well.

– Prepare your phone by cleaning it thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. This will allow you to remove greasy stains, which will certainly affect the peeling of the applied foil.

– After preparing the screen, peel off the first layer from the protective film. If you have purchased a universal polycarbonate film, then before applying it, touch it to the size of the screen. It is best to download it from the manufacturer’s website.

– Apply the foil to the phone, matching the edge lines to the edges of the screen, and then stick it on the smartphone screen. Press the foil gently with a cloth to prevent air bubbles and smooth out any unevenness. If, nevertheless, air bubbles form on the screen, there is a solution: you can peel off a piece of foil and then “squeeze out” the air bubbles.

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Author: futura22