Drones – what is worth knowing?

Drony - co warto wiedzieć?

Drones – what is worth knowing? With the development of technology, drones, otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles, appeared on the market. Just a few years ago, they were associated with very expensive equipment that was used only by certain industries. Their functionality is so wide that they are currently one of the best attributes of many professional groups.

The prices of drones on the market have a very large spread, which allows both amateurs and more advanced users to buy it. What is worth knowing about drones? Read about their surprising features.

What is a drone?

The drone, like other technological innovations, such as GPS, has its origins in the military industry. A drone is an unmanned aircraft that is often equipped with a sports camera. Thanks to this, you can record live images, take photos and record videos.

Until recently, the device was used only for scientific and military purposes, but with the transformation of its construction, equipment for private use was created.

The construction of the drone depends on the cost of purchase and the purpose for which it will be used. The most common are:

  • drones consisting of four propellers – quadrocopters,
  • drones consisting of six propellers – hexacopters,
  • drones consisting of eight propellers – octocopters.

In addition, the technology allows drones to be distinguished, depending on their ability to move on different surfaces. Drone shops offer devices:

  • can only fly
  • resembling airplanes, used for difficult tasks – airframes,
  • having the ability to jump and drive – the structure resembles a car,
  • adapted to move on water – or hybrid models, i.e. floating and flying.

Drone – what is worth knowing before buying?

If you are planning to buy a device, be sure to read the criteria that will help you choose the best drones. If you pay attention to a few important aspects, such as the power or the type of sports camera built into the equipment. Most often, the quality of the purchased drone will depend on the amount of your budget.

  1. Device range

The distance the drone will be able to fly depends on the range. Drone shops offer various models, the less expensive ones can cover a distance of up to about meters, and the more expensive ones up to 8 km.

  1. Device working time

This is a parameter worth paying special attention to. Low-quality devices can fly for a few, up to a dozen or so minutes, which means that you constantly have to replace the battery.

  1. Driving a drone

The drones in the kit may have special control controllers, and some models can be guided using the application. The control method and additional functions, such as route programming, are often related to the price of the device.

  1. Camera

If you care about a device whose task will be to take photos and record videos, be sure to invest in equipment with a sports camera that will ensure maximum resolution and quality of photos and recordings. This feature is especially useful for professional photographers and filmmakers. Aerial projections always make a great impression.

  1. Built-in GPS

Drones with long range can sometimes get lost. Thanks to the built-in GPS module, finding the drone is very easy.

  1. Production quality

Before buying, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the components and the housing from which the drone is made. Thanks to this, your equipment can avoid accidental damage, such as propeller damage.

How does the drone work?

The way the drone works, contrary to appearances, is not very complicated. The operation of the drone is possible thanks to the built-in battery or battery. Its speed and time in the air depends on the quality of work and the number of propellers.

Amateur models usually fly for about 30 minutes on a single charge, while professional devices can climb for about two hours.
The control is carried out using the controller included in the set. Innovative models have the ability to drive using mobile devices thanks to applications specially created for this purpose.

During the flight of the drone, thanks to a special camera, it is possible to take pictures, view the live image, and record it on the memory card of the device.

Drone and its right to fly

Polish and European law describe in detail how you can legally fly a drone. The law divides the movement of equipment into two categories:

      • within sight of the owner,
      • out of sight of the operator.

In Poland, you can fly a drone without a permit only for recreation or sports, but if the weight of the device does not exceed 25 kilograms. It is absolutely forbidden to fly the drone over airports, in their vicinity and over the city.

The drone cannot fly higher than 150 meters.
If you want to use the device for professional purposes, it is necessary to obtain a special qualification certificate, which is marked with the UAVO symbol. For this purpose, it is necessary to pass the exam, obtain a medical certificate, and purchase liability insurance.

The drone is a multifunctional device that, in addition to amateur applications, is helpful in many industries. Buying the right model allows you to use its features in the best way.

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Author: futura22